The MSCYPAA Advisory Council is formed for the express purpose of furthering the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous through its annual conference. It shall offer, to anyone who requests it, information regarding young people and young people's groups pertaining to recovery in the AA program. The council also decides each year through its group conscience where the next conference will be held after hearing formal bids presented by cities or regions desiring to host the conference.

Structure of the Advisory Council

Each conference committee shall select three (3) people to serve on the advisory council. They shall select two (2) people to serve as alternates, for a total of 5 elected advisory members. Those being selected must have served on the conference committee continuously for six (6) months prior to the actual conference on which they served. They must be sober at least one (1) year. Those elected are required to serve through three (3) additional traveling conferences. Should the Council not have a full membership, those rotating off may be requested to serve until Council again reaches full strength of twelve (12) members. Vacant Council seats can be filled by previously designated alternates, but must be approved by the Council beforehand.

Failure to attend two (2) consecutive conferences shall be considered a voluntary resignation.

Elections for positions will take place at each conference and terms for those positions will run from conference to conference.

Relapse shall be considered a resignation.

If a council member misses two (2) advisory meetings in a row, does not contact the chair, or make other arrangements with Council membership the Council reserves the right to re-evaluate said member's position. The purpose of this re-evaluation is to inquire if the member in question is still willing and/or able to fulfill their membership on the committee, not as punishment for not being present at Council functions.

Operating Committee

The Council shall elect from its membership an operating committee consisting of, but not limited to, a chair person, co-chair person, secretary, and treasurer. They shall act as and be of service by direction of the Council and shall not take actions individually or collectively without the consent of the council.

Operating committee members must be Council members. They must serve on the Council one(1) year before being elected to the operating committee. Upon election, they shall serve for two(2) years, or until their service committment is fulfilled. They may be elected to to one additional term. Coumcil shall use the 3rd Legacy election guidelines found in the AA Service Manual.

Co-Chair person

In the absence of the Chair person, the Co-Chair shall accept the full duties of the Chair person, and carry out the various duties assigned by the committee. The Co-Chair shall act as liaison between the council and the General Service Office of AA. The Co-Chair also will be one(1) of three(3) signitures on all bank accounts.